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With the elimination of numerous iPod Music Download sites,compare to the official site

You can search from over 3 million songs and movies from all over the world – in every style and genre!

There are no limits to the number of songs or movies to download and no fees per download!

Over 3 fresh million music files online
Download MP3 music files, WAV’s, music videos, full-length DVD-quality music,CD and DVD covers.I were able to find all the newly released music online, as well as many older titles.

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Everybody loves their iPod don’t they?

Everybody loves their iPod don’t they? Well the iPod would be effectively useless without the programme known as iTunes ( ).
I’ve been using iTunes ) for a few years now & use it as my main music player, I used to use windows media player but iTunes blows that completely out of the water.

iTunes is completely free & very easy to download, you can download it from the apple website, just type in iTunes on google or probably the simplest thing is to connect your iPod usb cable to your computer or laptop & if you don’t already have it installed it will install it for you. This only takes about 5 minutes & during the download it will let you choose which file you want to import your music from. This means that any music you may have downloaded already you can import into your iTunes ( ) library simply by finding the file they are stored in & clicking import to iTunes . Apple have really raised the bar & set the standard for music downloading in the last couple of years & of course as they keep updating their iPods they need to update their iTunes. You will get a pop up message when you open up your iTunes ( ) library whenever there has been an upgrade to iTunes & it will ask you if you would like to upgrade now, later or alternatively you can tell them not to ask you again. This however is not recommended. Upgrades only take a minute or two & can really improve your system. iTunes ( ) can be a bit daunting when you first download it & see your library as it has so many things to do in it. However after about 5 minutes you will have easily figured out how everything works.

The iTunes store is an amazing feature included with iTunes , it gives you the opportunity to download literally anything you want from films, to albums, to single songs & even TV programmes. The list is endless. To get to the iTunes ( ) store you simply click on the link which is on the left hand column near your ‘music’ link. It has a green icon next to it in the shape of a shopping bag so it’s very easy to spot. When you click on this it will take you to the iTunes home page, this is where you can see the latest things that have been added to the store, you can also see the top 10 chart, this is the top 10 songs that people have downloaded from iTunes not the official UK music chart. With all things in the shop you can view previews of them before you buy, which is very useful if it’s something you’re not too familiar with. If you do choose to buy something simply click on buy which will take you to your log in screen. If you already have an iTunes ( ) account you simply put in your username & password if not you will have to set one up before you can buy anything. This is very simple to do, you just put in all your information like name, date of birth & your credit/debit card details, this is perfectly safe to do. Then you will be able to buy it. Considering how big the file is it may take a minute or two to download. When it does it can be found in your purchased items link which is directly below the iTunes link in your library. is a great medium is a great medium for getting hold of the latest song that you cant get out of your head as you can get it there and then legally. If you are after an album though you are much better off buying the CD, for one if you accidentally delete or loose your files they are just gone, secodly you wont save much in fact with a lot of older albums it can be a lot cheaper to go out and buy the CD and the saving on new albums aren’t that great.
Lastly the files on are lossy compressed audio making them slightly less quality than a CD, for the price they ask for I would expect to be able to download music in a lossless audio compression format such as FLAC. is an online music shop is an online music shop where you can buy more then music, you can buy music, videos, download podcasts and watch TV shows.

itunes is fast, but could be faster, it’s fast when it comes to loading a 30 second preview of your song, but when you type in something that has lots of songs/videos/podcasts etc releating to that title, it’s slow.

There are LOADS of songs, TV shows and podcasts on , everything from We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel, to episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants. I always find what I’m looking for on itunes!

The layout is great and I like the design too, in my opinion, it’s great!

I find it SO easy to navigate on itunes! Just one click and you’re there!

When someone releases a new single, or a band releases an album, are straight there!

The search facility is really easy to use, also, when typing something well-known, (e.g. We Will Rock You by Queen) then it will come down in a drop-down menu if you type something like We Will.
OVERALL is great! That TINY bit faster and it’s there! But, 5 stars for me!

Download Free Mp3 Music to iPod

My iPod did not include an Install CD,If you have not already done so, you should download and install the most recent version of iTunes from:

Syncing and Troubleshooting iPod GamesThe current version is available at . Verify that you have the correct iPod model. To use games, you need an iPod nano (3rd …

DOWNLOAD FREE MP3 MUSIC TO IPOD – Free …Video: Download Free Mp3 Music to iPod

Www.Apple.Com/iPod/Start ™,Got a New iPod? is the official website for Apple iPod Starting. Maybe you have recieved Apple’s iPods as this Christmas gift, so you can begin your iTunes experience by check out

It is really a very nice guide to support the new owners, and you can also see more iTunes tutorials at, and walk through everything from downloading iTunes to iPod syncing.